The Fjord Horse

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is a Norwegian breed with deep roots in the Nordfjord region and in Western Norway. It is one of three Norwegian national horse breeds, and is considered Norway’s national breed.

The Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds and has many primitive characteristics that it shares only with the wild breed Przewalski’s horse, such as the dark stripe along the top of the body (mane, dorsal stripe and tail) and dark horizontal stripes on the legs. A Fjord horse is between 135 and 150 centimetres tall. The breed is hardy with good stamina, and is sure-footed in steep and rugged terrain. Traditionally, the Fjord horse was used for transport and in agriculture, but today it is a popular competition breed.

Even though the Norwegian Fjord horse is an old breed, breeding has only been organised since the mid-19th century. Nordfjordeid has been the centre of Fjord horse breeding, and the traditional stallion shows have generally taken place here. Today, both the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre and the Norwegian Fjord Horse Association are based in Nordfjordeid.