About the center

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centr is a national resource centre for Norway’s national symbol: the Fjord horse, and it is no accident that the centre is located in Nordfjordeid.

Nordfjordeid is known as ‘the Mecca of the Fjord Horse’. The reason for this is historic, because the village is famous for its long-standing horse traditions. Stallion shows have been held here since 1886. Today, the village has an active community of Fjord horse owners and breeders. It is in this environment steeped in tradition that the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is based, and it is not uncommon to meet Fjord horses on the local roads.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is a resource centre for the Fjord horse and runs an information and advice service for all matters relating to this all-Norwegian horse breed. One of the centre’s main functions is to promote the breeding and use of the Fjord horse. Many courses are held at the centre throughout the year, and Fjordane Folk High School’s horse programmes use the premises for teaching activities.

In spring and summer, there is a lot of activity at the artificial insemination centre.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre was established in 1989 and is owned by the Norwegian Fjord Horse Association, Eid municipality and Sogn og Fjordane county authority.